South Atlantic Map

South Atlantic Ocean

The South Atlantic is considered the part of the Atlantic Ocean that lies below the Equatorial Counter Current. It makes up the waters and seas south of the equator, from the coast of Brazil and the Gulf of Guinea to the Antarctic continent. Its eastern border is Cape Agulhas, the tip of South Africa, and its western border is Cape Horn, southernmost headland of Chile.

The South Atlantic is slightly smaller than the North Atlantic and has an area of about 40,270,000 km2. Unlike its Northern counterpart, which boasts a variety of islands, the South Atlantic is home to only two island nations, the African nations of Cape Verde and São Tomé and Príncipe. Its largest tributary sea is the Argentine Sea, with an area of 1,000,000 km2.

The South Atlantic has a very interesting climate due to temperature contrast between the cold Antarctic continent and the adjacent open seas. Cold water from the Antarctic continent streams towards the Gulf of Guinea, and warm water from the Brazilian coastline flows back south. Due to these currents, there are hardly any tropical storms originating from it. The South Atlantic boasts a high biodiversity, with penguins, whales and seals to name a few.