Northern Atlantic Map

Northern Atlantic Ocean

The North Atlantic is considered the part of the Atlantic Ocean that lies above the Equatorial Counter Current. This consists of the waters and seas in-between Greenland, Western Africa and Brazil. The North Atlantic is slightly larger than its southern counterpart and has an area of about 41,490,000 km2.

Unlike its Southern counterpart, the North Atlantic is home to many island nations, with the UK and the Caribbean countries being the most prominent. It is also home to many tributary seas and contains the largest three of the Atlantic Ocean: the Sargasso Sea, the Caribbean Sea and the Mediterranean Sea. The North Atlantic is also home to the Puerto Rico Trench, the deepest point in the Atlantic Ocean with a depth of 8,376 meters.

The North Atlantic covers a very large area, and its many regions have differing climates. Around Iceland, the weather is mainly determined by cold winds originating from Northern America, while the Azores and Canary Islands have winds blowing clockwise towards the Americas. The waters of the North Atlantic are of great importance to the economy of its bordering nations, due to its high biodiversity and rich fishing resources.